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Mercer hand-built steel frame. Hand-built with a heartbeat.

Old Man-Bicycling Magazine

When not potting in his shed, Steve Shapiro can be found in his natural habitat, penning award-winning poems or pondering the wisdom of the Chosen Gear.

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Mercer ‘Buitestander’ – Bicycling Magazine​

In Afrikaans, this means ‘outsider’ – but the word play is too good to resist. And one of my birth names is Stander, like the surname, so it’s all very appropriate. I want to be outside, forever, on my bike.

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Stan’s Mercer Bikes Karoobaix Disc All Road -The Radavist

I’m here in South Africa, documenting the Karoobaix, a 400km race through the Karoo Desert and naturally, while here, I’ve been documenting a few bikes from the event. While I’m compiling photos from the race itself. The first bike is Stan’s Mercer Bike

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Sarah’s Karoobaix Mercer Bikes Disc All Road – The Radavist

There were so many wonderful builds at the Karoobaix, but I have to admit, seeing this bike really made me stoked to be in South Africa. While Sarah’s Mercer Bikes isn’t as flashy as Stan’s, it’s still a locally-built frame, designed to fit Sarah and her riding style.

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Hand-Built Frames- Bicycling Magazine

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Know How

The one thing that changed it all. Customising dreams.

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Stan Engelbrecht’s Buitelander Track Bike – The Radavist

It was obvious – I needed a bike I could use every day, without having to worry about destroying a bit of South Africa cycling heritage in the process.

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Meet The Vet Who Crafts Custom Steel Bikes – Red Bull

Dave Mercer has been in love with bicycles his entire life. “It started with BMX during the 80’s and when I turned 13 in 1991 my parents gave me my first mountain bike,”

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Steely Dave – Ride Magazine

Bicycles are big business and so, for the most part they are spat out in bland and boring hundreds and thousands.

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Do Anything Hardtails- Bicycling Magazine

David Mercer builds all sorts of custom steel-frame bikes in his workshop in Cape Town. If you can dream it up, he can build it.

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The Bicycle Frames Of New Craft – The Radavist

We already saw the New Craft: 5 Continents 5 Frames show announcement last week, and now to promote this Wednesday’s (June 29th) event, Columbus just sent over a preview with photos of these unique frames.

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How A Hand-Made Bike Is Crafted – Red Bull

An expert from Cape Town’s Mercer Bikes gives us a step-by-step guide through the intricate process. He’s always admired their simplicity, a feature which belies the artistry that’s often poured into them.

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hungry monkey test drive

David Mercer’s Hungry Monkey is a steel hardtail all-mountain ripper. We took the bike out for a “short ride” test ride which ended up with the whole The Hub team having a go. We all loved it, and the bike quickly became our favourite ride at the 2014 Africa Cycle Fair.


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