Custom Bicycles

A custom bicycle from Mercer is designed for one person – you. Here are some examples of previous custom bicycles from the Mercer workshop. Click on the image for the story behind the bike and more details and photos-perhaps you’ll get a few ideas for your own custom frame!

Dave’s World Tourer

Alex’s 29er trail bike

Olaf’s Randonneur – a modern lugged classic 

Sarah’s CX tourer with lugged steel disk fork

Jared’s modern classic lugged road

Cameron’s nickel plated World Tourer

Dave Leiman’s road racer

Daniel’s balance bike

Colin’s ‘Intshebe’ – a compact 29er hardtail

Deons bike o steps

Deon’s ‘Kenny’ – Columbus Life and Di2

Bike and buttresses aussenkehr

Stans ‘Buitestander’ – a CX tourer with incredible artwork by Black Koki

Joao's road

Joao’s road bike

Adrian’s ‘Republic of Nowhere’ – A CX tourer with custom racks and stem

Guy’s ‘Bergie’ – a compact long travel trail bike

Esme’s ‘Petal’ – a tiny 26 inch wheeled hardtail

The Monkey King – David’s personal CX tourer with custom racks and stem

Rolfe’s 29er – a hardtail trail bike

Laura’s ‘Bokkie’ – a rowdy 26 inch wheeled hardtail in Columbus Life

Dan’s ‘Dib-Dob’ – a classic, lugged road bike in Columbus Zona