A custom bicycle from MERCER is designed for one person – you. Here are some examples of previous custom bicycles from the MERCER workshop

3 qtr front
Dave’s World Tourer (click image to see more)
side view
Alex’s 29er trail bike (click image to see more)
3 qtr rear
Olaf’s Randonneur – a modern lugged classic (click image to see more)
Sarah's CX tourer
Sarah’s CX tourer with lugged steel disk fork (click image to see more)
Jared side on1
Jared’s modern classic lugged road (click image to see more).
Cameron 3 qtr rear
Cameron’s nickel plated World Tourer (click image to see more)
side view
Daniel’s balance bike
Themba side wal
Dave Leiman’s road racer (click image to see more)
Complete bike 3qtr fr
Colin’s ‘Intshebe’ – a compact 29er hardtail
Deons bike o steps
Deon’s ‘Kenny’ – Columbus Life and Di2
Bike and buttresses aussenkehr
Stans ‘Buitestander’ – a CX tourer with incredible artwork by Black Koki
Joao's road
Joao’s ‘Leap of Faith’ – a modern road bike in Columbus Life
AD tourer side profile complete
Adrian’s ‘Republic of Nowhere’ – A CX tourer with custom racks and stem
ACF Bergie in the pink1 - comp
Guy’s ‘Bergie’ – a compact long travel trail bike
Built up side view
Esme’s ‘Petal’ – a tiny 26 inch wheeled hardtail
ACF Monkey King built up 3qtr fr web
The Monkey King – David’s personal CX tourer with custom racks and stem
ACF Rolfe 29er - comp
Rolfe’s 29er – a hardtail trail bike


meet bokkie
Laura’s ‘Bokkie’ – a rowdy 26 inch wheeled hardtail in Columbus Life
Olaf’s Ollo 2 – a ‘Do Everything Bike’ intended to morph genres
Alex’s ‘Zep-P’ – a cruiser inspired CX machine to tame Africa’s backroads
Dave pics 119
Dave’s ‘Duif” – a 650B singlespeed hardtail
Dave pics 008
Dan’s ‘Dib-Dob’ – a classic, lugged road bike in Columbus Zona