• Small Wonder : Petal – a bike for Esme.


    There are many reasons why people go for a custom bike: sometimes it’s because of their unique and one-of-a-kind nature; sometimes it’s because of fitment issues. Most people can be fitted onto standard bikes even if it means using some … Continued

  • The Frame Builder’s Wife.


    Recently I have had a lot of time for reflection and I’ve spent much of it thinking how lucky I am to have my wife to share my life with. When we met, some 11 years ago, I was sharing … Continued

  • Mellow Velo: Bicycle touring in the UK (part 2).


    Bespoked: The UK Handmade Bicycle Show had been a whirlwind of late nights, early mornings and ┬ánever ending talking. I was surprised to still have a voice. All I could think about as we packed up was what it would … Continued

  • Mellow Velo: Bicycle touring in the UK (part 1).


    As a South African who hasn’t spent much time in the UK I thought I had a good idea of what to expect – after all, I’d been raised on a diet of Beano and Dandy comics, as a child … Continued

  • Building the Monkey King.


    In the classic Chinese story, Journey to the West, the Monkey King is an arrogant and mischievious supernatural monkey who declares himself a God. He’s imprisoned by Buddha until, one day he’s given a chance to redeem himself. The Monkey … Continued